This article takes a closer look at the top three motorcycle trips in the United States: the Wild West tour, Route 66 tour and the California Dreamin’ tour. This article is an excellent read for individuals who are avid motorcyclists, like to make frequent road trips and want information regarding potential exciting trips that you can make. The USA is where motorcycles are king, endless roads just like the film easy rider.

The Wild West Tour:
The Wild West motorcycle tour revolves around solitary deserts, vibrant cities, deep canyons and highest mountains. It is a modern day adventure covering cities like California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada. The trip makes its way through the great Mojave Desert towards the famous Oatman Highway, petroglyphs and the Anasazi Indians’ cliff dwelling. It then moves to the Grand Canyon and the cliffs of Capital Reef National Park. The trip further extends to Los Angeles and typically ends at Las Vegas. This trip usually takes eight days to finish but for sure, those eight days have the potential to be the most memorable days of your life. Imagine, you the cowboy and your motorcycle the horse, the nearest thing you will get to be Clint Eastwood in the Old Wild West.

The Route 66 Tour:
The ultimate Route 66 tour is probably the most famous road in the world. This 2400 mile tour is more like a round trip 66 as it begins and ends at Chicago. It is bound to make you nostalgic as it takes you on a journey through “The Mother Road” and gives you a chance to see how America traveled in the 1920s-60s. This trip encompasses around great cities like Chicago, St. Louis and Albuquerque and their historical attractions such as old trading posts, filling stations, tourist traps, motels, villages and diners. The greatness of the Route 66 trips can in part, be owed to the twisty mountain roads which are sure to make your ride extremely adventurous and enjoyable.

The California Dreamin’ Tour
The California Dreamin’ tour captures the entire essence of California in one motorcycle trip. This twelve day trip is devoted to pure California and its specialties including the amazing rocks of Yosemite, the playground that is Lake Tahoe, the Pacific Coast Highway, and probably one of the World’s favorite cities, San Francisco. This trip is sure to be a dream come true for motorcycle and adventure lovers alike, as it guarantees two weeks of jam-packed adventure, thrill and sheer enjoyment.