Our friends over at Ride-CT.com recently told us about the death of an icon. Jim Hoellerich was 88 years old when he passed away on Sunday, May 22. He died one day after an Open House, hosted at his dairy-farm-turned-museum in Cheshire, Massachusetts, saw hundreds of visitors.

A Museum Full Of Trail Bikes

Those familiar with the Berkshires museum are also familiar with how packed-full of trail bike parts, memorabilia, photos, wall art, decorations and whole (more than 145) motorcycles it is. That entire collection is about to go on the auction block.

If you are not familiar with the Museum of Vintage Trail Bikes, here’s a great, thorough walk-through. 

In The Will

Hoellerich made sure his entire collection would go to auction by specifying so, in his will. The event is planned to take place on July 30, 2022. Thirty years worth of Hoellerich’s collecting (always buying, never selling) will be offered up to the public.

They Could Be Yours

If you’re looking for an antique trail bike, perhaps for an entree into the Moto Giro, a piece or two of Jim’s collection might be your ticket. Among the available machines are, Penton, OSSA, Bultaco and Yankee motorcycles, along with parts, rebuilt engines, restored pieces, parts and accessories. Every piece will be auctioned off.

Similarly, an illuminated sign advertising a long-defunct motorcycle manufacturer might be more your speed. Perhaps an addition to your garage or game room? Keep in mind, these pieces aren’t just leftovers; they have provenance. Hoellerich’s wish was that everything he owned would be passed on to those who loved the sport as much as he did.

Event Details

The Trail Bike Museum will host the auction event on premises. If you’re even somewhat local to western Massachusetts, now is the time to begin planning your trip for July 30. Plans for the event already include tents, a food vendor, and even some limited camping (for self-contained (read: tent) campers). It will be more than an auction, it will be a celebration of Jim’s life and his love of the sport.

Keep a close eye on Ride-CT for details and updates.