electric vehicle

Where can I get good electric vehicle kits? What is an electric vehicle conversion? These are just some questions that come into the minds of those who are looking to convert their vehicle from harmful gas guzzlers the environmental saviors. Anyone choosing to convert their car should be awarded somehow. Actually now that I think about it people do! The government credits people for driving clean, but that is another story.

Electric vehicle kits are not hard to come across, but knowing how to actually convert the car may be harder than you think especially if it is your first time. This is why if you are considering converting, you should do your research on where to find quality equipment, or you can just purchase a manual that can tell you where to get the tools, and give you instructions on how to literally convert your car yourself.

What are electric vehicle kits you ask? The answer depends on where you actually get the kit. The The simplest conversion kits only have a compatible controller and a nice motor. You’ll probably need some more items before you’re ready to test drive your new electric vehicle on the pavement. These items you may or may not have in your garage already.

There are a variety of kits which include; DC kits, AC kits, custom kits, deluxe kits, kits for specific types of cars, universal kits, and basic kits. Which one should you use? If you are new to electric vehicle kits you should go with a DC kit. This type of conversion kit is simple, readily available and cheaper. There are some cons, but regardless this is a good place to start.

Getting electric vehicle kits that are easily compatible with your vehicle is essential if you want to save hundreds of hours working on your car. Rewiring, building up and taking apart, and building up and rewiring, and taking apart over and over again. But if you are willing to go through grueling, boring, motivation-killing work, then by all means go right ahead. I’m sure you will be satisfied finding a kit that fits your car much better than not.

If you have a car that is not on that list of ready made kits, you will need one of the universal electric vehicle kits. This kit is designed for your car’s approximate size and weight. If you don’t have a shop with a lot of spare scrap metal bits lying around, you’ll probably be happiest with one of the deluxe universal electric vehicle kits rather than one of the basic electric vehicle conversion kits. The basic kit presumes you already own the materials for your own construction of your boxes and mounts and wiring. The deluxe kit comes with everything you need.

Although converting your car may not be that simple, you can definitely make it a nice garage project with your friends. You will ultimately save tons of money, get some credit from the government and save the environment. I would say it is a win win situation.