Most things we do are with other people as we are such social addicts; how we would change by not being with a group of people to enjoy fun and adventures together. Well, it is no different when we want to go on a motorcycle trip, we want to be with friends and new friends, that is comradeship. So, here we go and if this is your idea, the success of the trip will mostly be on your shoulders for the fun and safety of everyone.

Now, being the organizer of a motorcycle trip is a lot more than just being in charge! The responsibility takes careful planning as in organizing the resemblance of a baseball team like who are you going to have on as pitcher and home baseman. You will find that when you have all your bases covered by choice people, the motorcycle trip will go so much smoother. Some of the things you might want to cover for your trip are:
(a) the distance of your daily ride is important
(b) have your route maps laid out that all riders have a copy
(c) at what speed will you be traveling at, will it be the posted highway speed or moderately slower
(d) how long between restroom stops, so that nobody just thinks that he or she will miss that stop
(e) we should go with a budget, how much should we expect to spend on accommodations, food, fuel
(f) are all riders leaving with proper safety gear for traveling on a trip in safety for themselves as well as for others in the group
(g) has allotted time been made for time to be used for side sight seeing, reservations made for rooms and proper time to stop to eat at restaurants.

Points of interest are very important so a good way to solve this is to have conversations prior to your trip and try and summarize the different interests for your group. Of course you will not be able to please everyone nor will you find a group of people that agree on all the same ideas. So you will have to find ways for your group to compromise on different ideas and still have fun and you will also find some people that will want you to make all the arrangements and they will just have fun going where the group goes.

Be firm in making sure your group are responsible for having their motorcycle up to good road standards and understand that proper apparel is the individuals responsibility for proper helmets, long pants, loves, and of course good leather jacket so as to be ready for all kinds of riding weather. The most important part of this group two wheel trip is to have fun, relax, and enjoy the freshness of the outdoors and most of all help make it a safe ride for yourself and friends.