July 25: Flashback Warning: It’s 2015, and you are listening to the full version of your favorite pop music on TV while quickly compiling the go-to hashtags for your caption, as you decide to post a picture from your recent vacation onto the gram. #BestTIMEwithfamily #Instamemories #love #vaccation. 


Uhh, those were the times we best leave behind, right? Back then content creation was an art very few people were great at. People would still follow only their friends and coming across some of the ‘now supremely popular’ influencers was a very new concept. It was the same for Jalandhar-based entrepreneurs turned couple influencers – Pushppal Singh Bhatia and Ravneet Kaur.  


The couple came from extremely different backgrounds before they ventured into the world of social media. Pushppal had studied Automobile Engineering (B.S), from the University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA, and was working in his family business of Automobile Parts Manufacturing while Ravneet had completed her B.D (Interior Design) from APJ College of Fine arts and pursuing her career in design. It was only when the duo got together that their passion for acting and content creation came into the limelight.  


“Both Pushppal and I love acting and making people laugh. Whenever we were together, we would always goof around and make funny videos and share that on our family WhatsApp groups. One of our relatives pointed out that we had the skill of creating engaging content and should share that on social media, did we realize that we shared a strong passion for film making and content creation.” shares Ravneet. 


This major shift in the format of entertainment consumption or even advertising has led to many part-time content creators moving to produce full-time content. “Our journey as influencers started in December 2016.  We posted our first short video on Instagram on 4th December 2016 and by 21st December 2016, we had touched 1000 followers. Back then there were very few people doing short video content and we did not have platforms like Tik-Tok. Our content was getting a lot of popularity and there was this one time someone recognized us in a restaurant and took a selfie. That’s when Ravneet and I decided to seriously create more content for our audiences and That Couple Though was the name we decided to go ahead with.” adds Pushppal.  


With years and the rise of influencers and their credibility, That Couple Though went on to become a household name with thousands of followers who loved their entertainment content. Today, the couple has a Youtube channel with 80.3k subscribers 141k followers on Instagram, and 105k on Facebook.  


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Website – www.thatcouplethough.com 

Instagram – @that.couplethough  

Facebook – @thatcouplethough_facebook 

YouTube – https://youtube.com/c/thatcouplethough